Julen Iztueta

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Julen Iztueta

07.03 - 13.04.2024

Very Special Intym

The basque artist Julen Iztueta (Anoeta, Gipuzkoa, 1987) based in Barcelona is the creator of the collage serie titled Very Special Intym. This serie arises from the invitation to him from Ekain Art Gallery, who is interested to promote visibility of womans and LGBTB artists.

In March we present a selection of paintings in our exhibition room, is one serie of pictures createt by Mª Paz Jiménez (Valladolid, 1909 - San Sebastián 1975) in her last stage of life.

In the GuestArtist proposal we present a serie of fifteen pictures created in paper with the collage technique. They are a new reinterpretation of the art work from a last century woman artist. Both exhibitions projects dialogue very good each other and both spaces becomes timeless.



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