Biography and Works of Juan Chillida

San Sebastian 1956

Inspiration has inevitably led him from painting to sculpture. There is no break in his work, there is a logical evolution, a coherent process, which now brings him closer to the deep investigation of the dimension.

Since 1980 he has shown his work in various collective and individual exhibitions in Madrid, Biarritz, Bilbao, Vitoria, Bayonne, Huesca, Barcelona, Pasajes San Pedro, Sitges and San Sebastian.

It was enough for him to draw on his father's knowledge, Gonzalo Chillida, on techniques and materials. His career is one of those that invite to avoid studies as a necessary means to paint or sculpt. But he says: "You have to study, at least materials, even if you experiment later with others that you invent." Precisely if his career is characterized by something, it is because of his insistent research in this field, regardless of whether he is facing a painting, a collage or a sculpture.

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