Biography and Works of Cristina Iglesias

San Sebastian, 1956

Sculptor and engraver, National plastic arts prize and one of the most international Spanish artists of the last decades. National Prize of Plastic Arts in 1999. He has managed to create his own personality and style within contemporary sculpture, which has earned him international recognition.

Belonging to a generation of artists who, since the 1980s, have transformed the concept of sculpture into the field of installations, her works reflect an aesthetic vocabulary based on the use of different materials (concrete, alabaster, resin, iron, glass, sometimes combined with plant motifs such as bamboo and leaf litter) and different techniques (bas-relief, tapestry or large-format screen printing on silk and copper), and betray the artist's interest in space, architecture, literature and geology. The contrast of textures and materials, as well as the relationship they establish with space, are two of the constants in his career.

Cristina Iglesias was born into a family with great cultural concerns. She read a lot and liked to go to the cinema and, although she started studying chemistry, soon her desire to “find me a place around art from which to talk” led her to leave the faculty and move to Barcelona to study drawing and ceramics (1977-1979). She started working with clay, because “I was interested in that modelable material to which I could add color”, but in 1980 the need to find new languages led her to London to enroll in the Chelsea School of Art.

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