Biography and Works of Andrés Nagel

Andrés Nagel


San Sebastián, 1947 Is a painter, sculptor and engraver from Gipuzkoa, one of the most internationally renowned Basque artists today. With eclectic tastes, a great traveler and a long history of exhibitions, his work in painting, sculpture and engraving can be labeled as postmodern figuration, framed in the reaction that opposed, in the 60s and 70s, the then predominant abstract and informalist way. Nagel mostly addresses social issues with sarcasm and irreverence, in a style that at times reminds of the New Madrid figuration and that adopts influences from pop art (colorful and urban themes), surrealism (shocking and humorous approaches) and arte povera (use of humble and waste materials). He finished his architecture degree in 1972, by then he had already exhibited once. In that same year he got into engraving techniques and met Chillida, who would be key in his career although it should not have influenced him aesthetically, because Nagel opted from the beginning for figurative art in a way opposite to that of the famous abstract sculptor. Since the 80s, its presence in international exhibitions increases..

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