Biography and Works of Jose Antonio Legorburu

Jose Antonio Legorburu (Zarautz, 1952) has a long artistic career, a long path undertaken over five decades. In the new exhibition of the gallery Ekain Arte Lanak we present the latest pictorial works of the artist based in the Txortengua farmhouse, in Oikia (Zumaia).

The art of Legorburu he is inscribed in the Nature that his daily and daily life goes through, in a small town in Gipuzkoa where his works, his exotic, exuberant and edenic landscapes arise from it and capture different sensory and musical emotions because winds and soft and subtle aromas whisper to us.

About twenty canvases painted in oil, some of them in large format and almost all in medium format. Paintings, inspired by the landscape and the floral world that surrounds it and have a symphony of green colors, pistachio green, electric blues, fuchsia colors, silvers, yellows and reds among other garish and acidic colors. 

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