Biography and Works of Maritxu Intxausti

Maritxu Intxausti Leizaola he completed his Fine Arts studies at the Faculty of Lehioa, Bizkaia and obtained his degree at the EHU-UPV in the year 2007.

The San Sebastian artist course at the Film and Video School de Andoain, technical specialist in realization of programs, finished in the year 1990. 

In 2015 he completed the Master of Art-therapist studied for 4 years in “Body and soul"Vitoria-Gasteiz. He also studied at the Faculty of BBAA from Barcelona in 2010 and in 2009 in Arteleku, Donostia learned lithography from the hand of Don Herbert.

He has an extensive list of experience and collaborations that began in 1990; artistic realization for feature films and programs of EITB, promoter and monitor of pedagogical projects related to art, as well as didactic workshops that sometimes merge dance with art. He is a guide for several guided tours for extensive exhibitions, such as for the San Telmo Museum, Tabakalera, Armory Hall, Pamplona, Contemporary art collection of La Caixa. In 2017, he traveled to the Syrian refugee camp in Jordan to volunteer. 

Maritxu Intxausti also has a long range of exhibitions, which began in 1993 in Melkweg, Amsterdam, passing through Bilbo, Donostia and Gasteiz, among others to highlight his solo exhibition at the Kutxa's Vital Box in 2000, inside the Museum of Gugemheim, Bilbao, in the Berasategi Restaurant with “Happening”. He participates in collective exhibitions on various occasions and with different exhibition projects in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Tolosa, Pasajes San Juan, Renteria, Alsasua, Arbizu, Nafarroa, Hendaya and Zarautz among others.

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