Biography and Works of Olatz Irigarai

Olatz Irigarai Alduntzin he studied Fine Arts at the Faculty of Lehioa, Bizkaia, in the EHU-UPV. Subsequently, the San Sebastian artist studied at the UNED Philosophy. In 2019 he completed engraving studies in Singapore, where he also studied Chinese calligraphy for two years. In the year 2021 course “Postwar Abstract Painting"at the Moma in New York.

In the beginning she works as a creative and is a photographer for the brand “Zoom”in Santander. Later she designs fashion prints for the firm “Mo”from Donosti, during this period he also made different screen printing editions. For eleven years she has been in charge of the study Photo VIP studio in San Sebastian, as well as creating and making digital designs. She moves to Asia and resides for a few years in Singapore, where she is the promoter of several pedagogical proposals for different schools and artistic communities.

Olatz Irigarai has exhibited on many occasions, among others; at the House of Kultura of Urgain, of Andoain in 1996 where he presented “Bil-huts"and a year later he participated in the collective exhibition “Myriads”in Pasajes San Pedro, in the same locality he has participated in several editions in the exhibition “12 cms”. In 2019 he presented at the NPE Gallery in Singapore the collection “Ama”. She was selected with “Cavities" by "Printmakers Assembly" and participated in the STPI (Singapore Tyler Print Institute) exhibition in 2020, where he also presented “Bersama I"(Bersama means united in Malay) at The Substation gallery and “Bersama II"at The Arts House both in Singapore. In 2021 he participates in the collective exhibition “We are all Afghan artists" in the City Council of Seville and also participates in the “Contemporary collective exhibition" at the Abartium Gallery in Barcelona. In March 2022 he exhibits in the group show, “Lau...Pausoa printza, hegoa bakalau" in Okendo Kultur Etxea, Donosti.

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