Biography and Works of Francis Bacon

Dublin, Ireland, 1909 - Madrid, 1992

An Anglo-Irish painter. Of an idiosyncratic figurative style, characterized by the use of pictorial deformation and great ambiguity in the intentional plane.

Although he was born in Dublin and spent all his childhood in Ireland, he is usually considered an English painter due to his English family roots and that he developed almost all his production in London.

In 1926 he started taking drawing lessons at St Martin's School of Arts in London. As of 1927 he lives between Paris and Berlin, where he starts working as decorator of interiors and it is at this stage that he starts painting.

At the end of the 40s he began to shape his most unmistakable style. In 1949, the Moderna Museum of Modern Art, New York (MOMA), bought a work of his.

The paintings of Bacon they have influence of Munch in the strokes and the shades of Van Gogh; the influence of Goya since he captured the anguish in his paintings.

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