Biography and Works of Txopitea Ainize

Ainize Txopithea (San Sebastian, 1977) has an extensive artistic career. After graduating with a BA Honors in Design and Communication at the London College of Communication University, in 2003 she works as a graphic and web designer in parallel with her vocation as a visual artist. His work stands on the border that separates the paradigms of the inner world in contrast to the current society of progress, following an aesthetic line of emotional and conceptual depth, where plastic arts, new technologies and language are integrated. Sometimes the human figure is represented on a small scale in relation to the scene of the painting. The silhouettes extend over the limits of the work, at different rhythms through color, with the intention of creating sensations and proposing different interpretations. The female theme appears frequently in his works. Women belonging to other cultures and other historical periods. But that is not the only message, his social position is present through the direct simplicity of his thought. The self is implied as through the use of one's own image. A sincere self-portrait that makes the memory of what has been lived his own. Beyond what is perceived, there is the mystery of what is hidden. She (Ainize Txopitea's work) is poetry.

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