Biography and Works of Rosa Torres

Valencia, 1948

Due to the career of his father, a professor of drawing, he spent his first twenty years of life in the Basque Country. He studied Fine Arts at the St. Charles School from his hometown. In the early 70s he came into contact with the Valencian avant-gardes, such as the Chronic Team and the Reality Team.

Since 1970, more than fifty solo exhibitions of his work have been organized in private galleries or public institutions. They highlight the Venice Biennale in 1982; the one sponsored by the Hispanic-North American Cooperation Committee in Tossan-Tossan Gallery of New York in 1986; the anthology at the Cam Cultural Foundation, in 1995; the itinerant one organized by the Valencian Ministry of Culture in 1999; the one organized by the Caja Rural de Torrente in 2001, the anthology at the Foundation Vital Box of Vitoria in 2003; the one organized by the Foundation Fran Daurel at the Espai Massana of Barcelona in 2006 or the two simultaneous exhibitions at the European Parliament and in the Valencian Community Foundation - European Region in 2007. It is also worth mentioning the exhibition dedicated to the Antonio Pérez de Cuenca Foundation the year 2000.

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