Biography and Works of Rafael Ruiz Balerdi

San Sebastián, 1934 - Altea, Alicante, 1992

He completed his first painting studies at the San Sebastian School of Arts and Crafts, which expands in Madrid in the Royal Academy of San Fernando and in the Circle of Fine Arts (1955-56). He was one of the members of the mythical Gaur Group - next to Oteiza and Chillida, among others - and probably, one of the best European action painters.

1955. Through Miguel Angel Álvarez meet a Eduardo Chillida, whose studio he has been frequenting ever since. The great friendship that is established between the two will have an important impact on the immediate evolution of the work of Balerdi. Participate in the XVII Contest of New Artists with four works and wins the second prize.

1960. Stay in Paris with José María Ortiz. He frequents the painters there SistiagaZumetaBoniface and Duke. Meet a Agustín Ibarrola, a Giacometti and a Luis Fernández López. His painting begins in gestural informalism with influences of Pollock.

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