Biography and Works of Carmen Muela

Carmen Muela she has a degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid in the year 1981. Previously he studied drawing and painting at the academy Artachy and in 1976 he entered the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando de Madrid. In his long career he agrees teaching and directs painting workshops as in the Colegio Santa Catalina de Sena, Madrid and in T.A.I Imaginary Arts Workshop, Madrid. Participates on several occasions in the workshops of the Circle of Fine Arts, directed by M.H. Mompo and Rafols Casamada in 1983 and in 1992 with Marta Cárdenas. In 19986-87 he carried out Engraving and Printing studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Madrid. In 2002 he designed the logo for the film distributor LEON CINEMA. In 2016 he exhibited his watercolors at the La Concha Gaumarket, inside the festival Olatu Talka from Donostia.

In 1980 he received the Scholarship of Landscape by the Ministry of Culture and in the year 1982 of the U.I.M.P. Santander. In 1984 he received the first prize for painting in IV Villaverde Painting Contest. Madrid and in 1996 the U.N.E.D includes his work in the collection.

He has a long history of collective exhibitions in galleries and institutions in Madrid, Barcelona, Segovia, Guadalajara, Murcia, Zamora and León. In the year 1980 in the Amadís Gallery, Madrid. In the college of Civil Engineers, Madrid as in the Closing of Current Art Workshops of the School of Fine Arts. Madrid in 1993 among others. In 1985 he began his career with individual exhibitions in House of Soria. Madrid, continued in the year 2001 in the House of Culture of San Lorenzo de El Escorial and in 2002 and 2007 in the Gallery Gurriarán from Madrid.

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