Biography and Works of Aran Santamaría

Aran Santamaria

He makes paper creations, Collages, intervened books, and works on the poetic side of objects…

His artistic career began with the Ceramic studies at the art school of Deva and continued working in this discipline  being a member of the Aia workshop. His intervened books have been exhibited in different bookstores, Anti, Kaxilda, Garoa, Chundarata, Loring Art.

The most recent solo exhibitions have been Hostoz hosto erantzi – Te deshoja  in Okendo Donostia and Zenbat jende kabitzen da bihotz bat? in the Oxford room of Zumaia.

He conducts workshops for children and adults in Zumaia, Artezaleak of Zarauz, at the fair  Bilbo's Bullet, , Artium, Tabakalera...

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