Biography and Works of Antonio Saura

Antonio Saura

Huesca 1930 - Cuenca 1998 During the Civil War, he lives with his family in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. At the end of the war, he lived in Huesca for a year and returned to Madrid. Suffering from tuberculosis, he must undergo several operations that will force him to five years of immobility. Self-taught, in 1947 he began to paint and write. During the years 1954 and 1955 Settled in Paris. Participate in the activities of the Surrealist group. Paintings of organic and random design on canvas and on paper, using very varied techniques. Series of Phenomena and Grattages. The first paintings made from the structure of the female body. In 1960 he abandoned the exclusive use of black and white. Start the series Imaginary portraits, Vertical Ladies and Profiles and Hats. Works on paper: Accumulations, Narratives and Repetitions. He makes several sculptures. He receives the Guggenheim Prize (New York). 1982 The Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid organizes a traveling exhibition of his graphic work, which will be presented in several cities of Spain. A year before his death, he painted and exhibited at the Lelong Gallery in Paris several large-format paintings (Crowds and Imaginary Portraits by Goya) and a new series of Portraits and Self-Portraits.

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