Biography and Works of Iñigo Arregi

Mondragon, Guipuzcoa 1954

In 1973 he began his career as a sculptor. In his long career of making exhibitions, we highlight; 1980 Exhibition at the The Goya Room from Paris.1985 Selected in the First Donostia-San Sebastián Biennial of Painting, San Telmo Museum. 1990 Realization of 3 murals for the interior of the City Council of Mondragón and I participate in the Traveling exhibition in Seville organized by the Junta of Andalusia. 1991 Traveling exhibition at the Cultural Center of the Villa de Madrid organized by the Community of Madrid. 2003 Collective exhibition "Hirunaka"in Vitoria. 2004 Solo exhibition of graphic work at the Gallery Felisa Navarro from Vitoria. 2006 Installation of corten steel sculpture in BAZ de Mondragón. 2007 Retrospective solo exhibition at the Aroztegi Hall from Bergara. 2008 Exhibition at the international contemporary multi-art fair Stamp 08 with the AC Contemporary Art Gallery of Madrid and Realization of sculpture for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of HABE, Basque Government. 2009 Participation in the Puro Arte de Vigo international fair with the AC Contemporary Art Gallery of Madrid. 2010 Exhibition at the international contemporary art fair Art Innsbruck with Victor Lope Contemporary Art of Barcelona. 2011 Exhibition at the international Art fair Karlsruhe with Victor Lope Contemporary Art of Barcelona. 2012 Solo exhibition at the Museum of Art and History from Durango. 2013 Solo exhibition in Victor Lope Contemporary Art, Barcelona.

His sculptures and reliefs have in common his "eagerness for geometric shapes that intersect, pieces in different planes that overlap...".

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