Biography and Works of Carmelo Ortiz de Elgea

Aretxabaleta, Gipuzkoa 1944

A contemporary painter, he has been dedicated to painting since childhood, being fully self-taught. Throughout his career, he has reinterpreted the landscapes that surround him. Based on the sensations he receives from reality, he has invented scenarios in which he incorporates abstract figures and forms.

Received in 1963 one of the first scholarships of the Vidal Foundation and Ferdinand of Amharic for artistic studies. He goes to Madrid for the first time; he completes his training at the Circle of Fine Arts, with frequent visits to the The Prado Museum. The painter and engraver from San Sebastian Luis García Ochoa he temporarily gives him his studio, which he shares with Pinto Coelho. This first experience away from home has its endorsement, on his return, with a solo exhibition in the old mansion of the Amharic (Dato Street).

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