Biography and Works of Miguel Ángel Álvarez

Tolosa, 1927 - San Sebastián, 2011

He made his first studies in a beginning with Guardamino -drawing-, and subsequently with Ascensio Martiarena. First prize of new artists from Gipuzkoa, began to make himself known by being awarded at the Exhibition of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Cultural Circle and Ateneo Gipuzkoan. However, it can be said that he got the first serious endorsement of his career with the painting Young man sewing, presented at the Hispanic-American Art Biennial held in 1951 in Madrid.

A classic painter when it came to facing the canvas, but in his works, in which there was nothing superfluous, he managed to show the essence of things. For him, the artistic act of painting was a moment full of circumstances and sensations that transferred to the works, endowed them with an individual expressiveness.

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