Biography and Works of Maria Cueto

MARIA CUETO (Avilés, 1960)

She starts learning textile techniques and takes various courses in tapestry, painting, ceramics and screen printing in Asturias, Madrid, Barcelona and Arteleku (Donostia). Degree in Graphic Design at the Art School of Oviedo (1989).

Since 1992 he has been living and working in Berastegi making fabrics that lead him to discover new spellings, new signs in the plant elements, with which, using different textile techniques (braided, sewn, knotted, ...) makes aerial lattices; calligraphies that carry meaning, trying to capture the internal rhythm, structure and order treasured by the plants. 

Over time, these lattices have become light, sensitive sculptures suspended and composed with plant elements that appropriate the air, adopting shapes and volumes that have been evolving towards more complex forms and that refer to both stellar universes (macrocosm) and the cellular world (microcosm). 

We highlight from his exhibitions the ones held in :

Anton de Candás Museum, Aramburu Palace in Tolosa, Mixed Groups Pavilion of the Citadel of Pamplona, Jovellanos Institute in Gijón, Aiete Cultural Center in Donostia, Sala Menchu Gal in Irun, Espazio BetaB in France.

Its most renowned facilities have been:

Tree of Dreams in the Chapel of the Barjola Museum in Gijón (2004) and in the Arch of Castile in Tolosa (2018), Gaia. Abode of the Air in the Oven of the Citadel of Iruña (2006), Abode of the Air at the INE building in Madrid (2007), White threshold of silence and air at the Guillermina Caicoya Gallery in Oviedo (2012), PAISAIAREN MURMURIOAN; When the landscape speaks in the Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea in Donostia (2015), Towards the light at the Rubber Factory in Pamplona (2022)

In the year 2020  Acquisition of two works by the San Telmo Museum.

One of them was shown in the group exhibition BAGINEN BAGARA. Women artists: logics of (in)visibility. San Telmo Museum. Donostia. (2021)

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