Biography and Works of Begiaundi Press

Begiaundi Press it is a graphic experimentation and research workshop founded by José Luis Lanzagorta for the production of limited editions printed on letterpress, using both movable lead and wood types as well as different materials, from linoleum, MDF, plexiglass, cardboard... even espadrille soles and fractional currency. 

[Begiaundi in Basque it means "big eye", and gives its name to the large squid, an animal that defends itself by expelling the ink it produces]. 

His exhibition career began in 2004 presenting his works at the collective exhibition Out Of Tune from the Drum Gallery, San Sebastian where I also present the following year the seríe Graphic type. In 2015 he presented the series Begiaundi Press in Dela Store, San Sebastian. In 2016 he began his collaboration with the Ekain Arte Lanak gallery, presenting different series; Begiaundi Press, Jazz Prints, Bauhaus 100 and Movie Prints. In 2018 he presents the series Phone Keys in Kokékokó, San Sebastian and in 2019 the seríe Typographica Suite at Valentina Home Deco, San Sebastian.

Participates in the workshops of Hatch Show Print. During the summer of 2016, I designed and printed posters at Hatch Show Print, a letterpress printing company based in Nashville, Tennessee, since 1879. 

Typographic Summer Program. A 2-week workshop for students and graphic design professionals, led by designer/printer Dafi Kühne. Switzerland, 2018. 

Limited editions printed in typography 

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