Biography and Works of Ricardo Ugarte

Passages, 1942

He studies at the School of Arts and Crafts of San Sebastian and continues his studies at the Camps Academy. From 1962 he participated as a painter in several exhibitions organized by the Círculo Cultural and Ateneo Gipuzkoan, participating repeatedly with exhibitions of drawing, painting, engraving and photography.

The main field of artistic expression has been abstract sculpture. He has worked metal, iron and steel. He had his first solo exhibition in 1967 at the Barandiarán Gallery. In 1969 he won the First Prize at the I International Sculpture Biennial of San Sebastian with the work The wake. In this city he would make another exhibition in 1974 at the San Telmo Museum, premiering in Pamplona in 1979 at the Art Pavilions of the Citadel. In 1982 he won the First Sculpture Prize Gure Artea which is sponsored by the Basque Government and in 1986 the National Sculpture Prize Villa de Madrid.

Ricardo Ugarte's main field of artistic expression has been abstract sculpture. He is considered an artist belonging to the Basque School of Sculpture together with Jorge OteizaEduardo ChillidaNéstor Basterretxea and Remigio Mendiburu. He has worked especially in metal, especially iron and steel, about which he has important technical knowledge.

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