Biography and Works of Sargam

Madrid, 1969

In the course of 1987 to 1992 he studied Fine Arts at the Central University from Barcelona. Receives a scholarship to attend the University School of BB.AA from Bologna (Italy). He is taking a course in intaglio engraving in Encamp (Andorra) and participates in the international meeting of Sculpture City of Cagliari (Sardinia-Italy).

In 1995 he took courses in Arteleku with Manuel Saiz “The Size of the Frame", of sculpture with Eva Lootz "Cards and Spinning Tops" and with Pepe Albacete "Serigraphy workshop". Participate in the "Lithography Workshop" with Don Hebert in 1997 and this same year he was a finalist in the painting contest of the Artistic Association of Gipuzkoa.

The painting of Sargam, moves in the field of gestural lyrical abstraction. He achieves this especially in his compositions based on reds-oranges and greens-blues, in which the accumulation of informal gestures compose beautiful symphonies of color.

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