Biography and Works of Clara Gangutia

San Sebastian, 1952

From the age of 10 he started studying painting to enter the San Fernando School of Fine Arts, a goal he achieved in the 1968-69 academic year, being his teacher Antonio López. In 1970 he makes a learning trip to Paris, with the painters Juan Manuel Contreras, a study colleague, and Roberto González.

In 1973 he met the painter Jesús Ibáñez, her future husband. Leave the Academy of San Fernando without finishing the courses. In spite of this, she is retired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in 1974, with a stay at the Academy of Spain in Rome that, along with other classmates, she will not end up because of the conventional and rigid atmosphere that exists in her. He toured Italy and it was then that his admiration for Venetian painting increased.

In 2000 he presented work in an anthology held at the Conde Duque de Madrid Center. The artist from San Sebastian exhibits more than 100 works, including several drawings from her early years, urban landscapes from Madrid, and views of Gipuzkoa.

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